Static Architecture Recovery

Recover the architecture based on static code analysis done by the fparser tool. The tool can currently recognize calls and data flow based on global variables, e.g., common blocks in Fortran.







Operation call CSV file



Dataflow CSV file



Separation character for operation call CSV files, default is comma (,)



Separation character for dataflow CSV files, default is comma (,)



Separation character for function name lists CSV files, default is comma (,)



Function file map CSV file




Output directory to store graphics and statistics



Component, file and function map file




Set source label for the read data



Handle function names in CSV case insensitive



Hostname to be used in CSV reconstruction




Name of the experiment



Output file for the list of files with a missing mapping in the mapping file



Output file for the list of functions without an associated file




Module converter strategies (at lease one of): module-mode, file-mode, map-mode

The tool reads a list of operation calls, e.g., in Fortran, one subroutine calling another one, and a data access list from CSV files.

These files are generated by the fparser-based tool that can be found in:

The CSV files should use , as value separator. However, in case they deviate as other tools to generate operation calls and dataflow are used, the option allow to set a different character for operation calls -cs, dataflows -ds, and names -ns from the function names CSV.

Call Input File

  • source-path or component identifier

  • source-module

  • caller operation

  • target-path or component identifier

  • target-module

  • callee operation (the called operation)

Note Dataflow is currently under revision and may not work as intended

Dataflow Input File

  • module or component identifyer

  • operation accessing the data or writing to the data

  • direction read or write or both

  • shared-data name of the data storage

Function Names File

You can use multiple function names files.

  • component or module name

  • function name

These maps are used to rewrite the component identifiers in a component call in case these are set to the empty string “”.